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HWA Proudly Presents – Blood Lite

Posted by Dark Whisperer on October 31, 2008

This anthology contains works of fiction that are gruesome. Disturbing. Horrifying. And drop-dead hilarious!

Warning: This anthology contains works of fiction that are gruesome. Disturbing. Horrifying. And drop-dead hilarious!

…a collection of entertaining tales that puts the fun back into dark fiction, with ironic twists and tongue-in-cheek wit to temper the jagged edge.

Edited by NYT Bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson

Blood Lite

Editor: Kevin J. Anderson

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: October 21st, 2008

ISBN-10: 1416567836
ISBN-13: 978-1416567837

Charlaine Harris reveals the dark side of going green, when a quarter of die-hard environmentalists host a fundraiser with a gory twist in “An Evening with Al Gore”…In an all-new Dresden Files story from Jim Butcher, when it comes to tracking deadly paranormal doings, there’s no such thing as a “Day Off” for the Chicago P.D.’s wizard detective, Harry Dresden…Sherrilyn Kenyon turns a cubicle-dwelling MBA with no life into a demon-fighting seraph with one hell of an afterlife in “Where Angels Fear to Tread”…Celebrity necromancer Jaime Vegas is headlining a sold-out séance tour, but behind the scenes a disgruntled ghost has a bone to pick in Kelley Armstrong’s “The Ungrateful Dead.”  Plus tales guaranteed to get under you skin – in a good way – from :

Janet Berliner

Don D’Ammassa

Nancy Holder

Nancy Kilpatrick

F. Paul Wilson and J.A. Konrath

Joe Lansdale

Will Ludwigsen

Sharyn McCrumb

Mark Onspaugh

Mike Resnick

Steve Savile

D.L. Snell

Eric James Stone

Jeff Strand

Lucien Soulban

Matt Venne

Christopher Welch

Whispers about Blood Lite

“This toothsome anthology of 21 funny-scary stories from members of the Horror Writers Association arrives just in time for Halloween. On the humorous end, Matt Venne’s ‘Elvis Presley and the Bloodsucker Blues’ recreates Presley’s voice with pitch perfect swagger and sets the record straight on how he really died, while Charlaine Harris’s ‘An Evening with Al Gore’ depicts a novel way to deal with environmental criminals; both tales are truly outstanding. In a creepier vein, Steven Savile’s ‘Dear Prudence’ finds a conflicted man repeatedly revising a note where he details gory plans for his significant other, and Nancy Holder’s ‘I Know Who You Ate Last Summer’ features stomach-churning rock star cannibals. Big names like Jim Butcher and Sherrilyn Kenyon will have comic horror fans grabbing this anthology off the shelves.” – Publishers Weekly

Blood Lite is a new horror anthology that promises to give readers a unique taste of horror combined with just the right amount of humor.” – Hellnotes


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