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New Release – King of Nod

Posted by Dark Whisperer on January 2, 2009

nod_finalcoverKing of Nod

Author: Scott Fad

Publisher: Hooded Friar Press

Release Date: November 1st, 2008

ISBN-13: 978-0981760902

Author Website

“Folks say evil can’t cross water,” the old woman whispered to the boy, “which is why islands is ripe with all kind’a inbred nastiness.”

Sweetpatch Island, South Carolina. An ancient horror haunts the shores of this tiny barrier island-legends of Joker Tribbit, descendent of slaves, lynched at the turn of the last century only to return generation after generation as the ferocious Beast to wreak vengeance for his murder. In 1971, thirteen year-old Boo Taylor witnesses the brutal slaying of a young child and finds himself drawn into the mystery of Joker Tribbit, learning the terrifying consequences of enduring hatred and bigotry.

At the turn of a new century, Sweetpatch Island is a land of golf courses and resort hotels; the old superstitions have been paved over by a modern world. Or have they? Boo Taylor returns home after twenty years only to awaken the ghosts and beasts and even the lost love that tormented his youth. Weaving back and forth through time, KING OF NOD reveals a haunting tapestry of human tragedy and triumph as Boo unlocks the dark secrets of his heritage.

Whispers about King of Nod

“Gothic with a drawling sense of Southern style, this haunting and lyrical literary treasure lingers like an old moving memory long after the story is put down. Mr. Fad has created a masterpiece of epic proportions, one destined to become a classic for years to come.” – Anne Barringer, Fresh Fiction

“From the moment I picked up this book, I fell in love with Fad’s style. He is a brilliant Southern Gothic writer weaving a story of past and present in a masterful work of art that I couldn’t put down . . . With so many stories building one on top of the other, this epic tale is the best book I have ever read.” – Janica Unruh, BlogCritics Magazine

“An extraordinary book, King of Nod is part ghost story, part Southern Gothic, and part noir, cloaked in the language of lush imagery and fed on social consciousness.” – Marlene Y. Satter, ForeWord Magazine

Book Trailer…


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