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New Release – Break of Dawn: Vampire Babylon (Book Three)

Posted by Dark Whisperer on February 7, 2010

Break of Dawn: Vampire Babylon (Book Three)

Author: Chris Marie Green

Publisher: Ace Mass Market

Release Date: January 26th, 2010

ISBN-10: 0441018399
ISBN-13: 978-0441018390

Author Website

Hollywood: It Can Suck the Life Out of You…

After facing off against the lethal Vampire Killer, Hollywood stuntwoman Dawn Madison and her friends are reeling with shock. They’re injured, exhausted, and hurting in every way possible.

For Dawn, the pain is much more personal. She’s learned more about her missing father and long-dead mother than she ever wanted to know — a burden of truth that is straining her sanity. And her conflicted feelings about both her enigmatic boss Jonah, and P.I. Matt Lonigan are only making things worse.

Yet Dawn is still determined to save her father. Her private battle will lead her directly into the Vampire Underground, where she will encounter an unthinkable betrayal. And where, finally, the question of who is truly good and who is truly evil will become a matter of life, death — and undeath…

Whispers about Break of Dawn: Vampire Babylon (Book Three)

“A powerful, character-driven thriller that keeps the audience riveted from start to finish.” — Alternative Worlds

“An engaging heroine and a killer mystery.” — Kelley (The Summoning) Armstrong on Night Rising (Book One)

“If you like your fantasy with an edge, then you’ve struck gold. Despite the vampires and other paranormal elements, there is a ring of truth to the biting (no pun intended) allegory. This is a fantastic start to a new series and one you should try to keep up with as it unfolds.” — Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction

Book Trailer…


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