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New Release – When the Night Comes Down

Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 18, 2010

When the Night Comes Down

Authors: Joseph D’Lacey, Bev Vincent, Robert E. Weinberg and Nate Kenyon

Publisher: Dark Arts Books

Release Date: March 18th, 2010

ISBN-10: 0977968650
ISBN-13: 978-0977968657

Anthology Website

Murder, death – and things worse than death – are all waiting for you When the Night Comes Down.

Trapped within the twilight…

Call it what you like: dusk, twilight, sunset. It’s that magical moment between daylight and darkness when anything is possible — the evening ahead promises untold enchantment…or nameless dread.

Within are 16 tales of the oncoming blackness, including more than the usual cast of characters.

There are shapeshifters and gravediggers, but also supernatural private detectives and – perhaps most terrifying of all – beautiful creatures that prey on…horror writers. Murder, death – and things worse than death – are all waiting for you When the Night Comes Down.

Our sixth four-author anthology features more of the great stories that are a hallmark of Dark Arts Books’ selections.

Table of Contents:


  • The Unwrapping of Alastair Perry
  • Etoile’s Tree
  • Introscopy
  • Morag’s Fungus
  • The Quiet Ones


  • Silvery Moon
  • Knock ‘Em Dead
  • Something In Store
  • Purgatory Noir


  • Elevator Girls
  • The One Answer That Really Matters
  • Maze


  • Breeding The Demons
  • Gravedigger
  • One With The Music
  • The Buzz of a Thousand Wings

 Whispers about When the Night Comes Down

“D’Lacey rocks!” – Stephen King, author of Under the Dome and Just Before Sunset

“Vincent proves himself a master…” – Publishers Weekly

“Weinberg is a writer-guy who really writes!” – J.N. Williamson, author of The Haunt and Affinity

“[Kenyon] delivers the scares in spades!” – Rue Morgue Magazine


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