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Esoterra: The Journal of Extreme Culture (new release)

Posted by Dark Whisperer on February 25, 2011

by Chad Hensley

EsoTerra was an underground magazine focusing on extreme culture published for almost a decade. The zine featured interviews with musicians, writers and artists alongside articles on fortean subjects, bizarre phenomena, and the occult.

Some of the diverse personalities who appeared in the magazine include Marilyn Manson, H.R. Giger, Alan Moore, Adam Parfrey, Genesis P-Orridge, David Tibet, Thomas Ligotti, Leilah Wendell, Stephen O’Malley, Masami Akita, Boyd Rice, and dozens of other luminaries who, in many cases, were both the subject of an in-depth interview and contributor to the magazine.

EsoTerra the book collects these and all the best interviews, along with articles and art from the magazine into a single high quality volume, including previously unseen material from the unpublished final issue.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Marilyn Manson by Chad Hensley
  • Violence – Sour Cherry in America’s Pie by Charles Nemo
  • Adam Parfrey by Chad Hensley
  • Weird Sex Cults by Adam Parfrey
  • White Stains by Chad Hensley
  • The Demonic Glamour of Cinema by Carl Abrahamsson
  • Peter Whitehead by RF Paul
  • John Jenkins by RF Paul
  • Leilah Wendell by Chad Hensley
  • 5 Things That Should Never Be Done To The Dead by Leilah Wendell
  • “Alan Moore” by RF Paul
  • “Sunn 0)))” by Chad Hensley
  • Excerpts from “Losernetics” by Dr. Scovil and Dr. Chapman
  • “Isis” by Chad Hensley
  • “Psychic TV” by Chad Hensley
  • “Giftgas: A Children’s Story” by Genesis P-orridge
  • “Slave/Priest: A Tale of Dominion” by Genesis P-orridge
  • “Blood Pressure: A Medical Casebook” by Genesis P-orridge
  • “Andrew Chumbley” by RF Paul
  • “Joe Coleman” by Chad Hensley
  • “Aller Seelen” by Markus Wolff
  • “Atlantis Rising: The Mythos of Vril” by Markus Wolff
  • “Iain Banks” by RF Paul
  • “Strength Through Joy” by Chad Hensley
  • “Harry O Morris” by Forest Jackson
  • “Thomas Ligotti” by RF Paul
  • “The Nightmare Network” by Thomas Ligotti
  • “Current 93” by Thomas Ligotti
  • “Trevor Brown” by Chad Hensley
  • “Women of Sodom” by Chad Hensley
  • “Master/Slave Relationship” by Chad Hensley
  • “Female and Submissive” by Debbie Jaffe
  • “Mother Destruction” by John Eden
  • “Madness & Chaos” by Charles Nemo
  • “Merzbow” by Chad Hensley
  • “HR Giger” by RF Paul
  • “Boyd Rice” by Chad Hensley
  • “Atrax Morgue” by Chad Hensley
  • “Iain Sinclair” by RF Paul
  • “After the Deluge” by Robert De Grimston
  • “The Process: The Final Judgement part 1” by RN Taylor
  • “The Process: The Final Judgement part 2” by RN Taylor
  • “The Process: The Final Judgement part 3” by RN Taylor
  • “Welcome to Norway” by Michael Moynihan
  • “Emperor” by Chad Hensley
  • “Aghast” by Chad Hensley
  • “Mortiis” by Chad Hensley
  • “John Coulthart” by Ken Withrow
  • “Endura” by Chad Hensley
  • “Druids of Greystone” by JV Sanders
  • “Der Blutharsh” by Michael Moynihan
  • “Inside with a Serial Killer” by Charles Nemo
  • “Brighter Death Now” by Chad Hensley
  • “Riding the Solanaceous Nightmare” by Daniel Schulke
  • “Ancestral Voices: Heathen Music in Germany” by Markus Wolff

“EsoTerra serves up a fringe gallery of malcontents, misanthropes, seekers, sorcerers, ecstatics, jesters, and visionaries, all of them living life on their own terms and taking a carnival mallet to the head of consensus normality. If you don’t find something among their ideas and endeavors to enhance your own life, then you’re probably beyond resuscitation already. Put this one on the shelf between the seminal Apocalypse Culture and the classics from Re/Search, in whose company it deservedly belongs.” — Brian Hodge, author of World Of Hurt and Mad Dogs

“Chad Hensley’s magical magazine, EsoTerra, brought together rock stars and demons and scary visionary thinkers. It pulled no punches, presenting provocative glimpses into a new and improved consciousness. EsoTerra was like the Bible of Extreme Culture!” — George Petros, author of Art That Kills

“I think the Esoterra anthology is really quite spectacular in its production. Speaking in a selfish mode, I can’t help but speculate that through this volume I may come to the notice of some readers who otherwise would never have heard of me, and for that I’m grateful. As a reader, I’m looking forward to relishing the bizarre and degenerate contents of the book.” -Thomas Ligotti

Creation Books
ISBN-10: 978-1-84068-1-666
Release Date: April 1, 2011


2 Responses to “Esoterra: The Journal of Extreme Culture (new release)”

  1. DH said

    Ha! People get to choose their own isbn or what?

    The one for Esoterra is 978-1-84068-1-666. Ha!

  2. I think my publisher picked that on purpose!

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