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The Resurrection Game (new release)

Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 3, 2011

by Mike Watt

Welcome to The Infestation where life goes on no matter what.

Jim Campbell, your average burned-out ex-cop, gets hired to find the cause of The Infestation. As to be expected, there’s more to it than the movies and TV shows would have you believe. Teaming up with a discredited scientist and a pair of bickering zombie exterminators, Campbell uncovers a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the mere nuisance of the walking dead. Cover-ups, corporate corruption and Godcorp, the worlds most powerful conglomeration.

Like any other day, the zombies are the least of the problems…

Based on the award-winning independent film, THE RESURRECTION GAME is a fast-paced “zombie-noir”, revised and expanded for this special LIBRARY OF THE LIVING DEAD PRESS edition.

“The Resurrection Game does what zombie stories should do: it entertains, shocks, turns the stomach, and makes you want to nail boards crookedly across your windows. It’s a whole lot of evil fun.” -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestseller and Multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Rot & Ruin, The Dragon Factory and Zombie CSU

“Zombies / Action / Gore / Humor: The Resurrection Game’s a true independent slice of fiction.” -Robert Kurtzman, director Wishmaster, The Rage.

“Do not let the presence of the living dead fool you, THE RESURRECTION GAME is not your traditional zombie tale…but rather a cross-genre triumph. Melding detective noir, Orwellian dystopia, and visceral horror, author Mike Watt has created a piece that is wholly original and startlingly fresh. Engrossing, unique, and fun, THE RESURRECTION GAME is one you’ll want to play to the very end.” –Michael Varrati, Ultra Violent Magazine

Library of the Living Dead Press


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