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Suicide Machine (new release)

Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 4, 2011

by Mike Watt

Tanith Godwin is a modern-day warrior with two souls who spends her nights hunting demons that threaten humanity. During the day, she tries to hold down temp jobs and maintain normal adult relationships. In every-day reality, most demons are simple shape-shifters trying to survive their days like the rest of us. So, too, are mystical superheroes. There’s an apocalypse every day, but we’re all too busy with our lives to notice.

One would think that, with the mortgage crisis, the lousy economy, violent homophobia and the constant threat of terrorism that the world was already scary enough. But add in a horrible demonic plot to burn humanity from the Earth and Tanith’s pretty much got her hands full. Tanith’s nighttime world of ancient, inhuman creatures is examined straight on, from the hidden night clubs haunted by humans and demons alike to the seedy sex stores serving all manner of clientele.

Tanith and her friends are no more heroic than the next group of lower middle-class people, but they’re aware of a specific danger that no one else has the time to deal with. Life is complicated. The end of the world is costly. You don’t get your security deposit back when something from hell rises in your living room.

“Suicide Machine is a refreshing take on heroine-based horror, reminding readers that the world such characters inhabit, while fantastic, would also have darker implications for those involved. Stark and uncompromising, Watt blends real humanity with a genre that often forgets how truly terrifying it can be.” – Ultra Violent Magazine

“Mike Watt’s witty new novel features everything from sword-carrying lesbians to talking decapitated heads to General Tso’s Chicken, and the brisk amalgamation makes Suicide Machine a humorously chilling tale of demon slaying!” – Horror Yearbook

Library of the Living Dead Press


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