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THE GUARDENER’S TALE by HWA Member Bruce Boston

Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 10, 2011

by Bruce Boston

“A gripping dystopia wickedly extrapolated from our present. Boston brings to bear his narrative genius on this noir tale of a love triangle in a society gone mad, probing the way technology and science alter our reality. Transcending genre, The Guardener’s Tale combines suspense and breathtaking plot twists with macabre humor. Involving, compelling, a masterwork.” —Mary Turzillo, author of An Old-Fashioned Martian Girl

“Brave New World. Fahrenheit 451. THX 1138. A Scanner Darkly. Bruce Boston’s new novel, The Guardener’s Tale, assumes its rightful place in this noble lineage of anti-authoritarian fables. His twisted love story between Rick Thorne and Josie Jimson is the perfect suspenseful armature on which to display some eternally perplexing ethical quandaries. As inexorable as fate and twice as surprising, Boston’s novel will resonate long after its final sentence carries the reader down the memory hole.” —Paul Di Filippo, author of Shuteye for the Timebroker

“…this book certainly belongs as a great anti-authoritarian novel for the ages.” -Anders Monsen, Prometheus

“For those who enjoy tales of dystopia, The Guardener’s Tale is a must-read.” -Jennifer Crow, Flashquake

“…a heavyweight mixture of plot and action that will keep you hooked until the end….an engrossing and solid piece of work.” -Edward Cox, Aoife’s Kiss

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2 Responses to “THE GUARDENER’S TALE by HWA Member Bruce Boston”

  1. Josh Voyles said

    So… what is the book about?

  2. The novel takes place in a future society on Earth that has arisen several hundred years after a worldwide catatastrophe. It is a highly technological society and also extremely paternalistic toward it’s citizens, deciding everything that is good for them and also what is forbidden, and using advanced technology to implement same, “nurturing” its citizens as if they were plants in a garden. One of the central characters, in the course of pursuing a love affair, begins to pursue and embrace forbidden activities, which eventually lead him to commit a murder. The plot details the character’s disassociation from the society’s values and also its effect upon the police operative, known as a Guardener, who tracks him down, as well as the repercussions that change the lives of the three other major characters in the novel. Click on the cover above for more info.

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