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Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 14, 2011

Author: Lois Gresh

26 Weird Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, and Horror Stories

ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS is the first collection of short stories by Lois H. Gresh, one of the most talented writers working these days in the realms of imagination.

These tales of weird fiction blend elements wrung from science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror. Some stories are bent toward bizarre science, others are Lovecratian Mythos tales, and yet others are just twisted. They all share an underlying darkness, pushing Lovecraftian science and themes in new directions. While H.P. Lovecraft incorporated the astronomy and physics ideas of his day (eg, cosmos-within-cosmos and other dimensions), these stories speculate about modern science: quantum optics, particle physics, chaos theory, string theory, and so forth. Full of unique ideas, bizarre plot twists, and fascinating characters, these tales show a feel for pacing and structure, and a wild sense of humor. They always surprise and delight.

Table of Contents:

    Introduction by Lois Gresh
    Comments by Robert Weinberg
    1. Snip My Suckers
    2. Psychomildew Love
    3. Soleman
    4. Where I Go, Mi-Go
    5. Mandelbrot Moldrot
    6. Cafebabe
    7. Digital Pistil
    8. Let Me Make You Suffer
    9. Little Whorehouse of Horrors
    10. Watch Me If You Can
    11. Algorithms & Nasal Structures
    12. Debutante Ball
    13. Smokestack Snout Neurology
    14. The Battle of Batbrew Bulge
    15. Underground Pipeline
    16. Instant Gratification
    17. Lust of the Giant Sloth
    18. AnOde to Thee (or: Surfing those Tubular Waves)
    19. Geisha Black
    20. Skinhead Bonehead
    21. Wee Sweet Girlies
    22. There’s No Place Like Void
    23. Showdown at Red Hook
    24. Scourge of the Old Ones
    25. Julia Brainchild
    26. The Lagoon of Insane Plants
    “An extravagant gift…devastating genius…and oh, that story, “Debutante Ball” in a perfect literary landscape it would now be as well-remembered as Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’.” –Adam-Troy Castro, SCI FI, official magazine of the SYFY TV channel
    “Riveting stories with mind-bending ideas intensely creative!” –Catherine Asaro, Nebula-Award winning author of The Ruby Dice
    “Everything you want in horror fiction.” –Scott Edelman, Five-time Nominee for the Bram Stoker Award, Editor of Syfy’s Blastr



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