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VINTAGE VAMPIRE STORIES Edited by HWA Member Robert Eighteen-Bisang

Posted by Dark Whisperer on May 6, 2011

Editors: Robert Eighteen-Bisang and Richard Dalby

Robert Eighteen-Bisang is an expert on vampire literature who is best–known as the owner of the world’s largest collection of rare vampire books. He received the Lord Ruthven Award for Bram Stoker’s Notes for Dracula. He lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Richard Dalby is a bestselling author and vampire expert. He lives in London, England.

Long lost to the public in out–of–print pulp magazines, dusty Victorian anthologies, and defunct newspapers, these vintage vampire stories have proved themselves immortal. Resurrected in 2011, this stunning collection of nineteenth-century vampire stories includes such heavy-weights such as Sabine Baring–Gould and Bram Stoker. The stories are arranged in chronological order from 1846 to 1913 and are compiled by two of the world’s leading vampire anthologists and experts.

Rare images of Bram Stoker’s handwritten notes for “Count Vampire” (1890) are included through the courtesy of the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia.

Table of Contents

    Pu Songling. “The Blood-Drinking Corpse” (1679)
    Ernst Raupach. “Let the Dead Rest: A Fairytale” (1822)
    Erkmann-Chatrian. “The Burgomaster in Bottle” (1849)
    William H. G. Kingston. “The Vampire; or, Pedro Pacheco and the Bruxa” (1863)
    Mary Fortune. “The White Maniac: A Doctor’s Tale” (1867)
    G. J. Whyte-Melville. “Madame de St. Croix” (1869)
    Sabine Baring-Gould. “Margery of Quether” (1884)
    Bram Stoker. “Count Wampyr” (1890)
    Julian Osgood Field. “A Kiss of Judas” (1893)
    Mary Elizabeth Braddon. “Herself” (1894)
    Prof. P. Jones. “The Priest and His Cook” (1895)
    William Beer. “The Ring of Knowledge” (1896)
    Dick Donovan. “The Woman with the ‘Oily Eyes’” (1899)
    James Edward Muddock. “The Story of Annette (from Official Records): Being the Sequel to the ‘Woman with the Oily Eyes’” (1899)
    Hugh McCrae. “The Vampire” (1901)
    Phil Robinson. “Medusa” (1902)
    R. Murray Gilchrist. “The Lover’s Ordeal” (1905)
    Lionel Sparrow. “The Vengeance of the Dead” (1907)
    Morley Roberts. “The Blood Fetish” (1909)
    Appendix: Charles Dickens, Jr. “Vampyres and Ghouls” (1871)

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Release Date: May 2011


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