Dark Whispers



Author: Weston Ochse

Multiplex Fandango is subtitled “A Weston Ochse Reader” for good reason. This collection contains a comprehensive representation of short fiction and novellas by the Bram Stoker award winner and Pushcart Prize nominee, including his recent powerful Stoker finalist short story, “The Crossing Of Aldo Rey” and his brilliant Stoker finalist novella, Redemption Roadshow, as well as acclaimed favorites, “Catfish Gods” and “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

Also included in this omnibus volume of sixteen short stories and novellas are six original new works of short fiction written especially for this collection including such future classics as “Tarzan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, “Low Men Weeping”, and the stunning, “City Of Joy”.

Table of Contents:
MULTIPLEX FANDANGO – a pop-culture, theatrical, book presentation of the works of Weston Ochse on Sixteen High-Definition literary screens.

    Screen 1 — Tarzan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore*
    Screen 2 — 22 Stains in the Jesus Pool
    Screen 3 — Fugue on the Sea of Cortez*
    Screen 4 — Big Rock Candy Mountain
    Screen 5 — The Sad Last Love of Cary Grant
    Screen 6 — Catfish Gods
    Screen 7 — Forever Beneath the Scorpion Tree*
    Screen 8 — High Desert Come to Jesus*
    Screen 9 — Low Men Weeping*
    Screen 10 – The Secret Lives of Heroes
    Screen 11 – Hiroshima Falling
    Screen 12 – The Crossing of Aldo Ray#
    Screen 13 – The Smell of Leaves Burning in Winter
    Screen 14 – A Day in the Life of a Dust Bunny
    Screen 15 – City of Joy *
    Screen 16 – Redemption Roadshow #

    #-Denotes Bram Stoker Award Finalist
    *-Denotes an original story

“This is a book that could almost have been written for me.” – Joe R. Lansdale

“Ochse builds a “multiplex” of 16 stories (six original to this volume) for his impressively diverse first collection. Horror fans will be drawn in by Ochse’s cool, collected writing style and then blown away when he peels back reality’s skin to uncover the supernatural terrors lurking just beneath the surface.” – Publisher’s Weekly

‘Weston Ochse is a mercurial writer, one of those depressingly talented people who are good at whatever they turn their hand to. Multiplex Fandango is as wild as the title suggests. It is at times infuriating, complex, moving and bananas. Above all, it is very, very good.’ -Conrad Williams, August Derleth and International Horror Guild Award Winner

Dark Regions
Release Date: August 2011