Dark Whispers

VAMPS by HWA Member James Dorr


Author: James S. Dorr

Illustrations by HWA Member Marge B. Simon.

Meet the vampiress Annchuck who first saw night in 1990′s out-of-print chapbook TOWERS OF DARKNESS, Max Schreck (with a nod, too, to Bela Lugosi), “Guillemette” (née Mina Murray), Nadja, Nikki, a modern Medusa, a tourist who meets up with “Cape Man” in France (“… he had a tendency to change the subject when I asked him what he did. Eurotrash, I suppose”), a competitive runner who races the sun, a baseball fan who dotes on night games, a modern Carmilla who also likes jazz, a future version of Kipling’s vampire (“a rag and a bone and a hank of hair”), and many more in VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE), 75 poems, approximately a third of which are here for the first time, in an 84-page trade paperback with illustrations by Marge B. Simon for less than the price of a modest pizza.

For more information as well as a link to the publisher, see poet James S. Dorr’s website, http://jamesdorrwriter.wordpress.com.

Sam’s Dot Publishing
Release Date: August 2011