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New Release – Dark Matters

Posted by Dark Whisperer on August 8, 2010

Dark Matters

Author: Bruce Boston

Publisher: Bad Moon Books

Release Date: July 15, 2010

ISBN-10: 0-984460152
ISBN-13: 978-0-984460151

Author Website

Bruce Boston’s 30th book of poetry collects 49 poems, six of them appearing here for the first time. This new collection includes reprints from Asimov’s SF Magazine, Chizine, The Pedestal Magazine, The Rhysling Anthology, Space and Time, Strange Horizons, and other leading genre and literary publications. Beautifully illustrated by Daniele Serra.

Table of Contents:

  • The Scarified Man
  • Harvest People
  • Curse of the Strangler’s Wife
  • Blue Rain in G-Minor
  • The Beast at Vespers
  • In Possession of Burning Snow
  • Ouroborus
  • A Stray Grimoire
  • The Sizing of Curses
  • Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Vulture
  • The Demon Coal
  • Ten Dark Quatrains Channeling Nostradamus
  • Like Scarlet Birds Screeching
  • A Siren’s Tale
  • Hollows of the Blues
  • Death of a Changeling
  • Dead Heat
  • Faith of the Torturer
  • The Faithless
  • On Homo Reptilis
  • Conflicted as a Warrior Poet
  • Desert Ghost
  • Rat People
  • Dystopian Dusk
  • Casket of the Age
  • Assassin People
  • The Oblong Observatory
  • Rifling the Crosscut Blowfish
  • I Met a Woman in the Shadow City
  • The Final Word in the Shadow City
  • Light and Shadow in the Shadow City
  • The Knave of Shadows
  • Mole People
  • Arrive on Time
  • The History of Tomorrow
  • The Sky Merchants
  • On the Dark Side of the Sun
  • Robovamp
  • The Berserker Enters a Plea…
  • The FTL Addict Fixes
  • Key Events of the Third Millennium
  • Dark Rains Here and There
  • From the Damnation Cemetery
  • Necropolis Burning
  • Disembodied Haiku
  • Zombie Haiku
  • Nocturnal Retrospective
  • The Darkness We Possess
  • A Flight of Demons Rising from Still Waters…

Whispers about Dark Matters

“Whether he’s writing about an errant siren, a grimoire, a vulture, or the apocalyptic implosion of our way of life, Boston does it with stunning and unexpected complexity. There is a sense of completeness to his poems, a sense that he has turned the thing around and looked at it from every angle. He offers insights that are startling in their clarity, and – after he’s shown them to us – completely logical. This is a laudable achievement in and of itself, but the fact that he can balance his eye for detail and his intuition about character with a poet’s ear for the lyrical joy of language is awe-inspiring.” — Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Quarantined

Dark Matters places an extraordinary gallery before us – rat people and robovamps, dystopias and surreal landscapes – rendered in all the rich colors of Bruce Boston’s vivid word-palette. Whether he’s speculating on the dead who come to us in our dreams (“Like Scarlet Birds Screeching”) or taking us on a journey to a unique version of hell (“From the Damnation Cemetery”), every piece here brightens and expands what Boston calls ‘the bereft vocabulary of our lives.’ There’s no one in American poetry quite like Bruce Boston, and Dark Matters is one of his best.” — Christopher Conlon, author of Starkweather Dreams and Midnight on Mourn Street


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