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NAKED CITY edited by HWA Member Ellen Datlow

Posted by Dark Whisperer on July 5, 2011

Editor: Ellen Datlow
Full title: Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy

In Jim Butcher’s “Curses” Harry Dresden investigates how to lift a curse laid by the Fair Folk on the Chicago Cubs. In Patricia Briggs’ “Fairy Gifts,” a vampire is called home by magic to save the Fae who freed him from a dark curse. In Melissa Marr’s “Guns for the Dead,” the newly dead Frankie Lee seeks a job in the afterlife on the wrong side of the law. In Holly Black’s “Noble Rot,” a dying rock star discovers that the young woman who brings him food every day has some strange appetites of her own.

Featuring original stories from 20 authors, this dark, captivating, fabulous and fantastical collection is not to be missed!

Table of Contents:

    Curses by Jim Butcher
    How the Pooka Came To New York City by Delia Sherman
    On the Slide by Richard Bowes
    The Duke of Riverside by Ellen Kushner
    Oblivion by Calvin Klein by Christopher Fowler
    Fairy Gifts by Patricia Briggs
    Picking up the Pieces by Pat Cadigan
    Underbridge by Peter S. Beagle
    Priced To Sell by Naomi Novik
    The Bricks of Gelecek by Matthew Kressel
    Weston Walks by Kit Reed
    The Projected Girl by Lavie Tidhar
    The Way Station by Nathan Ballingrud
    Guns for the Dead by Melissa Marr
    And Go Like This by John Crowley
    Noble Rot by Holly Black
    Daddy Long Legs of the Evening by Jeffrey Ford
    The Skinny Girl by Lucius Shepard
    The Colliers’ Venus by Caitlín R. Kiernan
    King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree by Elizabeth Bear

Datlow (Digital Domains) adds to her already lengthy list of impressive anthology credits with this compilation of 20 original stories from some of the best-known names in urban fantasy. For newbies, her short but informative intro clearly lays out the boundaries of these works, which combine “the often-dark edge of city living with enticing worlds of magic.” Jim Butcher’s “Curses,” a humorous short story linked to his Dresden Files series, is a nice change of pace from his increasingly grim novels. Ellen Kushner’s “The Duke of Riverside” gives the origins of the romance between Alec and St. Vier, heroes of her novel Swordspoint. Lavie Tidhar’s “The Projected Girl,” set in Haifa, Israel, features a boy’s search for the truth behind a legendary magic trick. Other notable contributors include Lucius Shepard, Patricia Briggs, and Melissa Marr. –Publishers Weekly

This anthology of short fiction affords a superb sampling of urban fantasy, that popular sf/fantasy subgenre defined in the book’s introduction (which, in all of three pages, is a welcome and helpful, to say nothing of articulate, definition of this subgenre) as a combination of the “often-dark edge of city living with enticing worlds of magic”—with an urban landscape being absolutely crucial to the story. To put it another way (as also expressed in the introduction, that is), “where the story takes place should matter, in some way, to the story.” –Booklist starred review

Naked City definitely contains some of the best urban fantasy stories which I have had the pleasure of reading in a long while, and I fully expect that this anthology will be showing up in the nomination lists for next year’s round of awards. –The Green Man Review

St. Martin’s Press
Release Date: July 5


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HWA Member Ellen Datlow Wins Locus Award

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 26, 2011

Congratulations are in order for Ellen Datlow, who was awarded the Locus Award for Editor today at a banquet in Seattle.

The other nominees for Editor were: Gardner Dozois, Gordon Van Gelder, David G. Hartwell, and Jonathan Strahan.

The complete list of winners follows:

    Science Fiction Novel: Blackout/All Clear, Connie Willis (Spectra)
    Fantasy Novel: Kraken, China Miéville (Macmillan UK; Del Rey)
    First Novel: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, N.K. Jemisin (Orbit UK; Orbit US)
    YA Book: Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi (Little, Brown)
    Novella: The Lifecycle of Software Objects, Ted Chiang (Subterranean)
    Novelette: “The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains”, Neil Gaiman (Stories)
    Short Story: “The Thing About Cassandra”, Neil Gaiman (Songs of Love and Death)
    Magazine: Asimov’s
    Publisher: Tor
    Anthology: Warriors, George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, eds. (Tor)
    Collection: Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories, Fritz Leiber (Night Shade)
    Editor: Ellen Datlow
    Artist: Shaun Tan
    Non-Fiction: Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century: Volume 1: 1907-1948: Learning Curve, William H. Patterson, Jr., (Tor)
    Art Book: Spectrum 17, Cathy & Arnie Fenner, eds. (Underwood)</ul

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BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR, V3 edited by HWA Member Ellen Datlow

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 25, 2011

Editor: Ellen Datlow

A doctor makes a late-night emergency call to an exclusive California riding school; a professor inherits a mysterious vase… and a strange little man; a struggling youth discovers canine horrors lurking beneath the streets of Albany; a sheriff ruthlessly deals with monstrosities plaguing his rural town; a pair of animal researchers makes a frightening discovery at a remote site; a sweet little girl entertains herself… by torturing faeries; a group of horror aficionados attempts to track down an unfinished film by a reclusive cult director; a man spends a chill night standing watch over his uncle’s body; a girl looks to understand her place in a world in which zombies have overrun the earth; a murderous pack of nuns stalks a pair of Halloween revelers…

What frightens us, what unnerves us? What causes that delicious shiver of fear to travel the lengths of our spines? It seems the answer changes every year. Every year the bar is raised; the screw is tightened. Ellen Datlow knows what scares us; the seventeen stories included in this anthology were chosen from magazines, webzines, anthologies, literary journals, and single author collections to represent the best horror of the year.

Legendary editor Ellen Datlow (Lovecraft Unbound, Tails of Wonder and Imagination), winner of multiple Hugo, Bram Stoker, and World Fantasy awards, joins Night Shade Books in presenting The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Three.

Table of Contents:

    Summation 2010 by Ellen Datlow
    At the Riding School by Cody Goodfellow
    Mr. Pigsny by Reggie Oliver
    City of the Dog by John Langan
    Just Outside Our Windows, Deep Inside Our Walls by Brian Hodge
    Lesser Demons by Norman Partridge
    When the Zombies Win by Karina Sumner-Smith
    –30– by Laird Barron
    Fallen Boys by Mark Morris
    Was She Wicked? Was She Good? by M. Rickert
    The Fear by Richard Harland
    Till the Morning Comes by Stephen Graham Jones
    Shomer by Glen Hirshberg
    Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside by Christopher Fowler
    The Obscure Bird by Nicholas Royle
    Transfiguration by Richard Christian Matheson
    The Days of Flaming Motorcycles by Catherynne M. Valente
    The Folding Man Joe R. Lansdale
    Just Another Desert Night With Blood by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
    Black and White Sky by Tanith Lee
    At Night When the Demons Come by Ray Cluley
    The Revel by John Langan

In the third volume of this annual series, famed editor Datlow brings together 17 stories published in 2010 in a variety of sources both popular and obscure. In Cody Goodfellow’s “At the Riding School,” a veterinarian makes a strange house call at a girls’ school. Catherynne M. Valente’s “The Days of Flaming Motorcycles,” one of several zombie stories, sketches the life of the only living woman among the undead horde. John Langan uses self-conscious narrative to twist the werewolf story in “The Revel.” The usual lists of honorable mentions and award-winners and a thoughtful assessment of the field will encourage readers to seek out the year’s other notable horror stories. As always, Datlow delivers a top-notch anthology with a nice balance of new and established writers. –Publishers Weekly

But it’s diversity, not sameness, that defines the 140,000 words of well-crafted, ambitious fiction that accompany Ellen Datlow’s usual thorough summary of the year in horror fiction. Fans of subtle, thoughtful horror probably already know it, but The Best Horror of the Year is a series not to be missed. –The Stars at Noondasy

Datlow has created a series that must be viewed as essential for serious horror fans. Volume three will help you get your fright on as you eagerly await her 2011 picks. –The Monsters we Deserve

Night Shade
Release Date: June

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Bram Stoker Award 2010 Winners Announced

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 25, 2011

Superior Achievement in a NOVEL
A DARK MATTER by Peter Straub (Doubleday/Orion)

Superior Achievement in a FIRST NOVEL (Tie)
BLACK AND ORANGE by Benjamin Kane Ethridge (Bad Moon Books)
THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES by Lisa Morton (Gray Friar Press)

Superior Achievement in LONG FICTION
INVISIBLE FENCES by Norman Prentiss (Cemetery Dance)

Superior Achievement in SHORT FICTION
“The Folding Man” by Joe R. Lansdale (from HAUNTED LEGENDS)

Superior Achievement in an ANTHOLOGY
HAUNTED LEGENDS edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas (Tor)

Superior Achievement in a FICTION COLLECTION
FULL DARK, NO STARS by Stephen King (Simon and Schuster)

Superior Achievement in NON-FICTION
TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS by Gary A. Braunbeck (Apex Publications)

Superior Achievement in a POETRY COLLECTION
DARK MATTERS by Bruce Boston (Bad Moon Books)

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SUPERNATURAL NOIR edited by HWA Member Ellen Datlow

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 22, 2011

Editor: Ellen Datlow

Dark Horse once again teams up with Hugo and Bram Stoker award-winning editor Ellen Datlow (Lovecraft Unbound) to bring you this masterful marriage of the darkness without and the darkness within. SUPERNATURAL NOIR is an anthology of original tales of the dark fantastic from twenty modern masters of suspense, including Brian Evenson, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Nick Mamatas, Gregory Frost, Jeffrey Ford, and many more.

For fans of horror, noir, fantasy, crime, and the short fiction format.

Table of Contents

    Introduction by Ellen Datlow
    The Dingus by Gregory Frost
    The Getaway by Paul G. Tremblay
    Mortal Bait by Richard Bowes
    Little Shit by Melanie Tem
    Ditch Witch by Lucius Shepard
    The Last Triangle by Jeffrey Ford
    The Carrion Gods in Their Heaven by Laird Barron
    The Romance by Elizabeth Bear
    Dead Sister by Joe R. Lansdale
    Comfortable in Her Skin by Lee Thomas
    But For Scars by Tom Piccirilli
    The Blisters on My Heart by Nate Southard
    The Absent Eye by Brian Evenson
    The Maltese Unicorn by Caitlín R. Kiernan
    Dreamer of the Day by Nick Mamatas
    In Paris, In the Mouth of Kronos by John Langan

In this anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, the gritty realism of noir embraces the nightmare imaginings of supernatural horror in order to offer up sixteen stories rich in style, shadows, and psychological complexity. –Green Man Review

For fans of horror open to noir, and readers of noir who can handle horror, this is a fine anthology, coherent, atmospheric, and compelling. Two kinds of bleak, cynical, stylish fiction at once: what’s not to like? –The Stars at Noonday

Dark Horse
Release Date: June 22

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TEETH edited by HWA Member Ellen Datlow

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 22, 2011

Editors: Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling
Full Title: Teeth: Vampire Tales

Twenty of today’s favorite writers explore the intersections between the living, dead, and undead. Their vampire tales range from romantic to chilling to gleeful—and touch on nearly every emotion in between.

Neil Gaiman’s vampire-poet in “Bloody Sunrise” is brooding, remorseful, and lonely. Melissa Marr’s vampires make a high-stakes game of possession and seduction in “Transition.” And in “Why Light?” Tanith Lee’s lovelorn vampires yearn most of all for the one thing they cannot have—daylight. Drawn from folk traditions around the world, popular culture, and original interpretations, the vampires in this collection are enticingly diverse.

But reader beware: The one thing they have in common is their desire for blood. . . .

Table of Contents

    Introduction by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow
    Things to Know About Being Dead by Genevieve Valentine
    All Smiles by Steve Berman
    Gap Year by Christopher Barzak
    Bloody Sunrise by Neil Gaiman
    Flying by Delia Sherman
    Vampire Weather by Garth Nix
    Late Bloomer by Suzy McKee Charnas
    The List of Definite Endings by Kaaron Warren
    Best Friends Forever by Cecil Castellucci
    Sit the Dead by Jeffrey Ford
    Sunbleached by Nathan Ballingrud
    Baby by Kathe Koja
    In the Future When All’s Well by Catherynne M. Valente
    Transition by Melissa Marr
    History by Ellen Kushner
    The Perfect Dinner Party by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black
    Slice of Life by Lucius Shepard
    My Generation by Emma Bull
    Why Light? by Tanith Lee

This collection masterfully conveys the complexity of the concept, with nary a clunker to be found, and is a must-have for any vampire fan out there. –Realms of Fantasy

This collection of vampire stories features offerings by many big names in YA literature, including Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Kathe Koja, Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black. Teens still entranced by vampires will relish the diversity of formats (Gaiman’s entry is a song-poem) and tones, which range from darkly humorous to sweetly poignant to flat-out gore. –Booklist

What’s impressive with Teeth: Vampire Tales is that holistically, it reinvigorates the vampire fiction sub-genre. Neither Bram Stoker nor Stephenie Meyer, the featured fiction encompasses a wide variety of emotion, character, and conflict. –Bibliophile Stalker

Release Date: April

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2011 Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients Chosen

Posted by Dark Whisperer on March 23, 2011

Each year, the Horror Writers Association gives out the Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2011, the winners are Ellen Datlow and Al Feldstein.

Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow is unquestionably one of the most influential editors in the history of the horror genre. Her long-running The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (which she co-edited with Terri Windling, Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant), and, more recently, The Best Horror of the Year, have helped define the art of horror writing since 1988.

Other acclaimed works she’s edited include Inferno, Poe: 19 New Tales Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, Lovecraft Unbound, The Beastly Bride (with Terri Windling), Teeth: Vampire Tales (also with Terri Windling), and Haunted Legends (with Nick Mamatas). Forthcoming are Supernatural Noir, Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy, Blood and Other Cravings, and the young adult dystopian anthology After (the last with Windling).

She was fiction editor of OMNI Magazine and SCIFICTION and has won multiple Locus Awards, Hugo Awards, Stoker Awards, International Horror Guild Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and The Shirley Jackson Award for her editing. She was named recipient of the 2007 Karl Edward Wagner Award, given at the British Fantasy Convention for “outstanding contribution to the genre.” Ellen also co-curates the long-running Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series in New York City’s east village.

Ellen, who will be attending the gala Stoker Awards presentation in Long Island on June 18 to receive the award in person, said, “WOW! I’m honored, and a bit taken aback–I’ve still got a lot more editing to do (I hope). Thank you.”

Al Feldstein

Al Feldstein is one of the most influential figures in the history of horror comics and graphic novels. Al arrived at the legendary company EC Comics in 1948, and went on to serve as one of the chief editors of EC’s “New Trend” series, which included Tales from the Crypt, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, Shock SuspenStories, Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, Crime SuspenStories, Panic and Piracy.

Feldstein originally contributed one story per issue as both writer and illustrator, but he eventually decided to focus on editing, providing art only for covers. He adapted stories by Ray Bradbury and gave Harlan Ellison his first sale. His EC work has been reprinted in dozens of different editions, and has been adapted to film (The Vault of Horror, Tales from the Crypt). He is a recipient of the 1994 Inkpot Award from the San Diego ComicCon, and has also been recognized for his work as a painter.

While Mr. Feldstein’s health will prevent him from accepting the award in person, he had this to say: “I am flattered beyond belief and deeply appreciative of the very special honor that you have bestowed upon me…mainly your organization’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be named the recipient of this Award.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious of the Bram Stoker Awards, given by the HWA in acknowledgment of superior achievement not just in a single work but over an entire career. Past Lifetime Achievement Award winners include such noted authors as Stephen King, Anne Rice, Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury, F. Paul Wilson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Brian Lumley, William F. Nolan, and Peter Straub. Winners must have exhibited a profound, positive impact on the fields of horror and dark fantasy, and be at least sixty years of age or have been published for a minimum of thirty-five years.

The LAAs will be presented on June 18 as part of the Bram Stoker Awards presentation in Long Island. The awards highlight an entire “Stoker Awards Weekend”, happening from June 16-19 at Long Island Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. For more information on the Stoker Awards Weekend, please visit the website at http://www.stokerweekend2011.org/.

To learn more about this year’s winners, visit them online. Datlow can be found at www.datlow.com and Feldstein at www.alfeldstein.com.

The Stoker Weekend and the awards banquet are open to the public. For more information about the HWA, the Bram Stoker Awards, or the Lifetime Achievement Awards, please visit www.horror.org


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HWA Rocks BookExpo America 2010!

Posted by Dark Whisperer on May 29, 2010

For the third consecutive year, HWA had a visible presence at BookExpo America – the country’s largest gathering of publishing professionals. At this year’s event, which took place May 25th through the 27th at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, the HWA debuted its new trade show display in a highly-visible, premier location beside our friends at the Mystery Writers of America. Among the 500 authors featured throughout the event were several HWA members – including Jonathan Maberry, Alexandra Sokoloff, Ellen Datlow, Roger Ma, Jameson Currier, Gary Frank, Kelly Jameson, Martel Sardina, and Connie Corcoran-Wilson – who all enjoyed long lines of librarians, retailers, educators, and fans and gave away hundreds of books. And, for the first time ever, three of our authors scored coveted spots on the main autographing floor where celebrated authors like William Peter Blatty, R.L. Stine, and Justin Cronin also signed this year!

Here’s a taste of this year’s BEA experience:

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New Release – Tails of Wonder and Imagination

Posted by Dark Whisperer on February 7, 2010

Tails of Wonder and Imagination

Editor: Ellen Datlow

Publisher: Night Shade

Release Date: February 15th, 2010

ISBN-10: 1597801704
ISBN-13: 978-1597801706

Editor Website

What is it about the cat that captivates the creative imagination? No other creature has inspired so many authors to take pen to page. Mystery, horror, science fiction, and fantasy stories have all been written about cats.

From legendary editor Ellen Datlow comes Tails of Wonder and Imagination, showcasing forty cat tales by some of today’s most popular authors. With uncollected stories by Stephen King, Carol Emshwiller, Tanith Lee, Peter S. Beagle, Elizabeth Hand, Dennis Danvers, and Theodora Goss and a previously unpublished story by Susanna Clarke, plus feline-centric fiction by Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, George R. R. Martin, Lucius Shepard, Joyce Carol Oates, Graham Joyce, Catherynne M. Valente, Michael Marshall Smith, and many others.

Tails of Wonder and Imagination features more than 200,000 words of stories in which cats are heroes and stories in which they’re villains; tales of domestic cats, tigers, lions, mythical part-cat beings, people transformed into cats, cats transformed into people. And yes, even a few cute cats.

Table of Contents:

  • Through the Looking Glass (excerpt) – Lewis Carroll
  • No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be… – A. R. Morlan
  • The Price – Neil Gaiman
  • Dark Eyes, Faith, and Devotion – Charles de Lint
  • Not Waving – Michael Marshall Smith
  • Catch – Ray Vukcevich
  • The Manticore Spell – Jeffrey Ford
  • Catskin – Kelly Link
  • Mieze Corrects an Incomplete Representation of Reality – Michaela Roessner
  • Guardians – George R. R. Martin
  • Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats – Michael Bishop
  • Gordon, the Self-Made Cat – Peter S. Beagle
  • The Jaguar Hunter – Lucius Shepard
  • Arthur’s Lion – Tanith Lee
  • Pride – Mary A. Turzillo
  • The Burglar Takes a Cat – Lawrence Block
  • The White Cat – Joyce Carol Oates
  • Returns – Jack Ketchum
  • Puss-Cat – Reggie Oliver
  • Cat in Glass – Nancy Etchemendy
  • Coyote Peyote – Carole Nelson Douglas
  • The Poet and the Inkmaker’s Daughter – Elizabeth Hand
  • The Night of the Tiger – Stephen King
  • Every Angel is Terrifying – John Kessel
  • Candia – Graham Joyce
  • Mbo – Nicholas Royle
  • Bean Bag Cats(R) – Edward Bryant
  • Antiquities – John Crowley
  • The Manticore’s Tale – Catherynne M. Valente
  • In Carnation – Nancy Springer
  • Old Foss is the Name of His Cat – David Sandner
  • A Safe Place to Be – Carol Emshwiller
  • Nine Lives to Live – Sharyn McCrumb
  • Tiger Kill – Kaaron Warren
  • Something Better than Death – Lucy Sussex
  • Dominion – Christine Lucas
  • Tiger in the Snow – Daniel Wynn Barber
  • The Dweller in High Places – Susanna Clarke
  • Healing – Benjamin Dennis Danvers
  • The Puma – Theodora Goss

Whispers about Tails of Wonder and Imagination

“… an assortment of 40 stories by authors who are for the most part willing to take cats on their own ground. Datlow avoids the trap of a too-narrow premise: though there appears to be a slight bias toward horror, the stories are various within that field, from Jack Ketchum’s ghost story “Returns to Michaela”, Roessner’s highly scientific “Mieze Corrects an Incomplete Representation of Reality” and Edward Bryant’s brilliantly repellent “Bean Bag Cat”. Other tales are amusing, like Lawrence Block’s “The Burglar Takes a Cat”, or gently sentimental, like Dennis Danvers’s “Healing Benjamin”. This is that rarity of rarities: an anthology of cat stories worth reading.” — Publishers Weekly

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HWA at BEA 2009

Posted by Dark Whisperer on May 31, 2009

For the second time in its history, the Horror Writers Association exhibited at BookExpo America, held May 29th through the 31st at the Jacob K. Javits Center in NYC. Several HWA members – including Deborah LeBlanc, Alexandra Sokoloff, Ellen Datlow, Gary Frank, Kim Paffenroth, Connie Corcoran-Wilson, Jameson Currier, and Vince Liaguno – participated in book signing events during the convention, successfully placing their titles in front of booksellers, librarians, and new readers alike.

BookExpo America is the publishing industry’s largest event with literally thousands of publishers, authors, booksellers, and agents under one roof. After last year’s successful West Coast event, BEA returned to New York. Below are some highlights from the busy HWA Booth:

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