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New Release – The Estuary

Posted by Dark Whisperer on July 7, 2009

perf6.000x9.000.inddThe Estuary

Author: Derek Gunn

Publisher: Permuted Press

Release Date: July 1st, 2009

ISBN-10: 1934861243
ISBN-13: 978-1934861240

Author Website

Journalist John Pender has returned to his home town of Whiteshead to rekindle his marriage. Ex-British intelligence officer Dave Johnson has arrived to isolate himself after his fiancé is murdered during a mission that went terribly wrong. But excavations for the new shopping centre unearth a mysterious contagion that threatens to throw their lives into chaos.

Now the residents of Whiteshead are trapped within a quarantine zone with the military on one side and ravenous hordes of living dead on the other. Escape is no longer an option.

Far out in the mouth of the estuary a small Keep sits forlornly surrounded by an apron of jagged rocks. This refuge has always been unassailable, a place of myth and legend that has grown in folklore through the years. Now, it’s the survivors’ only hope of sanctuary. But there are thousands of flesh-eating infected between them and the Keep and time is running out …

Whispers about The Estuary

“Gunn’s writing style is very engaging, particularly his action sequences. They are plentiful, intense, appropriately blood-soaked” – Bookloons

“Almost fifteen thousand men, women, and children turned into flesh-eating zombies by a long-forgotten Nazi chemical weapon…sound like your thing?” – David Moody, author of Hater

“A seemingly idyllic setting, characters full of human weakness and heroism, and a mysterious contagion that threatens to destroy everything – fantastic ingredients for the modern horror novel!” – Gav Thorpe, author of Malekith


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New Release – Quarantined

Posted by Dark Whisperer on June 5, 2009


Author: Joe McKinney

Publisher: Lachesis Publishing

Release Date: May 29th, 2009

ISBN-10: 1897370652
ISBN-13: 978-1897370660

Author Website

Dying by the truckload from a deadly flu outbreak, the citizens of San Antonio, Texas have been quarantined by the U.S. Military. Inside the city, Detective Lily Harris is working burial statistics duty at the Scar, San Antonio’s mass graveyard, when she finds a brutally murdered young woman hidden among the plague dead.

A Tangled Web…

Lily’s investigation soon takes a dark turn. An even deadlier strain of the virus has emerged, and now she finds herself in the middle of a vicious battle between a corrupt local government, a beleaguered medical institution, and a population threatening to boil over into revolt at the quarantine.

No escape…

As the city erupts in violence, Lily is forced to do the unthinkable. With the clock ticking towards destruction, Lily must lead her family through the city to escape, and bring the truth to the world.

Whispers about Quarantined

“A crisply written police procedural set in the ravaged plague zone of a quarantined metropolis, rich in character and action, often brutal and sometimes touching, Joe McKinney’s latest is the kind of novel that may keep you up late into the night because it’s so hard to put down.” – Bruce Boston, author of The Guardener’s Tale

“McKinney has woven a taut whodunit, then ramped up the suspense and the stakes by spreading it across the backdrop of an apocalyptic plague. But as grisly as the murders and the disease are, the author wisely holds everything together with the powerful passion of a mother’s love for her daughter, thereby making his tale all the more satisfying and memorable.” – Kim Paffenroth, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Dying to Live and Gospel of the Living Dead

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